Thierry Régagnon

Birthdate : January 23, 1986

Front-End Web Developer

Professional Experience

March 2013 — Today

Front-End Web Developer, company Viadeo, Paris (France)

I started as the Front-End Developer of the product team dedicated to Premium features. I worked on improving the payment funnel and the advanced features of the social network.
Views coded in JSTL. Stylesheets in LESS. JavaScript MVC through the in-house Open Source project Tetra JS.

Now I am part of a bigger team, working on all paid features of the social network. JavaScript development Client-side and Server-side. Node.JS (Express / Locomotive), Views in Handlebars, Sass for CSS preprocessing. jQuery and Ember for client-side JavaScript. Grunt for task automation. Git for revision control.

Following BDD (Behavior-Driven Development), the code produced is Unit Tested.
The overall code quality is improved through code reviews.
All work needs to be RTL-friendly (Right-To-Left). The website has a mirrored-design when the language is set to Arabic.

The team works following Agile methods. I contribute to in-house Open Source projects, like Tetra UI, but also external projects.

May 2012 — March 2013

Front-End Web Developer, company Palico, Paris (France)

Single Front-End Developer in a development team working with Agile methods. I had to maintain and develop views and interactive components for Palico, the online Marketplace for the private equity fund community.
Views coded in GSP. Used Stylus for CSS preprocessing. Developed jQuery plugins for reusable components. JavaScript Templates. Knockout for Model-View bindings.
Expanded Google Analytics tracking (Custom Variables, E-commerce, Goals, Site Search, …).
Revamped the administration interface and improved its usability with Twitter Bootstrap.

March 2009 — September 2011

SEO Consultant, company RESONEO, Paris (France)

Advised clients in their Web projects as a SEO Product Owner: audits, technical and linguistic recommandations, netlinking strategies, definitions of KPIs and reporting…
Professional consulting in Web projects: Scope statements, Web agencies selection, technical expertise during development and public release.

Marketing advisory on iOS Applications development.

Clients: M6 Web, UCPA, Edition Atlas, Groupe Hersant Média (Nice-Matin), Altergaz, Aquarium Nausicaa, L'OR Espresso, Natoora, Le Gourmet Shop, ...

January 2009 — March 2009

Font End Developer / Web Designer - Freelance

Web development for small companies.

September 2007 — September 2008

Webmaster / Graphic Designer (Dual education apprenticeship), company Quatre S Cosmetics, Paris (France)

As the single web developer and graphic designer, I did the complete overhaul of the e-commerce website The Beauty Lounge (CMS Prestashop). Designed banners, flyers and posters for promotion.

April 2007 — June 2007

SEO Webmaster (Internship), company RESONEO, Paris (France)

Design and developement of Web sites based on Web standards and SEO for the netlinking strategy of the company. Help also provided in presentations and explanations on the best practices of the web developement for clients.


  • HTML5 + CSS3 (LESS / Sass / Stylus)

  • JavaScript / jQuery / JavaScript MVC

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Web accessibility and usability

  • Web Performance optimisations (front-end)

  • Template languages: JSTL / GSP / JavaScript templating

  • Node.JS development (Express / Locomotive)

  • Unit Tests (Behavior-Driven Development)

  • Revision control: Git and Subversion

  • CMS: WordPress, PrestaShop and SPIP

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Extensive knowledge sharer

  • Experienced in public speaking


2007 — 2008

Licence professionnelle Communication & Média option Infographiste Multimédia, à l’université de Cergy-Pontoise (France)

Vocational course specialized in graphic design (focused on multimedia).

2005 — 2007

DUT Services et Réseaux de Communication, à l’IUT de Cergy-Pontoise (France)

Vocational course specialized in network, communication and multimedia creation.


Native language : French.
English, professional proficiency, TOEIC results : 975/990

Personal Interests

Photography, Japan, new technologies, video games, ...